Insurance Software Overview

Agent Intelligence(AI) is a complete Insurance CRM and Policy Adminstration Health/Life Insurance solution. Agent Intelligence is designed specifically for Life Insurance, Health Insurance and investment advisors and full agencies. AI is a cloud based service that lets you easily access your clients from any browser enabled device, iPhone or iPad. Agent Intelligence is available in an Independent Agent Edition and Full Agency Edition. AI Independent Agent Edition lets financial advisors track and manage their entire business. Financial advisors working with other advisors can easily collaborate by sharing marketing efforts. AI Full Agency Edition lets agencies easily manage all of their advisors business.

Agent automation:

Agent Intelligence automation will help you track leads and prospects through your pipeline by incorporating an automated selling cycle, automatically widening your sales funnel. Now you can capitalize on all your potential deals and increase your closing ratio. Boost your personal and organizational sales while automatically strengthening and building profitable relationships. Managing your activities is the key to learning your clients buying cycle and agents intelligence will easily help you manage all of your activities.

Reporting and Analysis:

Keep track of your progress and sales. Easily chart and compare your sales progress. Gain valuable insight into your customer relationships and business. Easily export your data for additional integration or analysis. Knowing where you are will help you get to where you want to be. AI also lets you create your own custom reports that include only the fields you want and pre-selected criteria that you choose.

Customer Relationship manager:

Knowing your clients is the key to additional and add-on sales. Now you can have all the information that you need to know about your clients and prospects right at your fingertips. Never again miss the opportunity to touch your clients on important days such as a clients birthday and build strong client loyalty. Easily link contacts related to your clients as relationships. Agent Intelligence takes a client-centric approach that will help send your success sky rocketing.


Its time to translate your client knowledge into tools that support your sales. Traditional sales cycle ends at the point of purchase, however the buyer cycle extends beyond the initial point of purchase. Agent intelligence provides 24/7 automated cross selling and up selling to your clients. Never miss the buying opportunity window again, and be there when your clients are ready to purchase.

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