Data Security

Hosting Agent Intelligence and your Data Security
Online Database Solutions Inc. does not host our own data servers at any of our offices. Online Database Solutions Inc. is not about operating large data centers; we leave that up to the folks who specialize in that particular area. Online Database Solutions Inc. is about providing leading edge e-services and software solutions.

Hosting of Agent Intelligence utilizes a scalable, redundant "bandwidth-on-demand" solution. Depending on network traffic and nationwide bottleneck status, our web server traffic is routed down multiple OC-3 Internet connections to national Internet backbones, AT&T and Qwest. Our local connectivity is through BellSouth, KDL and Adelphia via high-speed SONET OC-48 connections.
Only Cisco routing and switching equipment is used. Every server is fed into dual Catalyst 3500 high-speed switches that channel all server traffic into redundant Juniper and Foundry routing equipment, using BGP4 routing protocol for complete redundancy. If one router should have an equipment failure, the other one picks up the traffic. This lowers the possibility of network downtime due to an equipment failure.
Hosting of Agent Intelligence’s internal network is 100% hardware redundant, with dual load-balanced network cards in EVERY server, connected to dual fail-over switches at all multi-connection points within our network. The internal network is connected to the outside world via two fail-over F5 BigIP Enterprise Controllers. Heavy investment has been placed into the chosen network from the ground up to make sure we have NO single point of failure. Firewalls are implemented at the core router and internal network level.

Power-All electrical power supplied by local utilities is fed to the data center via three separate power grids. All electrical connections are backed up using multiple Liebert UPS battery backup systems in a N+1 configuration. In the event of an extended outage, power is supplied to the datacenter using a Catepillar 750Kva diesel generator supplied with a 30 hour full capacity and a proactive refueling contract with a local supplier.
Environment-Internal atmospherics are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure the temperature and humidity of the data center are providing an optimal environment for your servers and network equipment.
Security-Overall data center security is provided using multiple levels of security including camera surveillance, key card access, biometric hand scanning and 24x7x365 on-site personnel.
Internet Access-Connectivity to the Internet is provided via multiple, physically diverse, carrier-agnostic high-speed OC3 connections. Local access at the Xodiax data center is provided through multiple, physically diverse, carrier-agnostic, OC-48 sonet connections.

Physical Security- Data center is both physically and logically secure. It is protected 24x7x365 by internal and external cameras, which are monitored by the Network Operations Center. The front door is protected by a badge reader system and badge access is required to enter the building. Before access to the actual data center area is permitted, one must first pass through the "man trap" area, which is a concrete hallway protected with a badge reader for initial access and then a biometric hand scanner, personal security code and a camera to ensure physical and visual confirmation of identity. This entire process is monitored 24x7x365 by the Network Operations Personnel, and ONLY Employees that are Microsoft Certified Engineers have physical access to your web server.
Network Security-All of our servers sit behind dedicated Firewalls and F5 BigIP Controllers which constantly monitor and analyze all network traffic. We have multiple security policies in place to assist in the prevention of a network interruption in the event of a malicious attack. We host B2B Intranets and Extranets for a number of financial institutions, and our security policies and procedures have been audited EXTENSIVELY by several third-party organizations.

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